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Welcome to Heartpuff.com ♡

Dear Heartpuff Customer,

Hello! Thank you so much for visiting our new HEARTPUFF site! This is our Heartpuff diary blog where we'll be writing about our products and other Heartpuff related news! Today we'll be covering some facts about us and our new site. (FAQ)

A new beginning! Our first online storefront was Heartpuff.tictail.com, but because Tictail is shutting down, we decided to move here. We're still going to keep the tictail shop running until Tictail shuts down in April, but we won't be updating it with new products anymore.

If you are a newcomer, hello and welcome! ♡ If you were a previous customer of ours from Tictail, thank you so much as always for your continued support, and welcome to our new site! ♡

A couple of things you might not have known about us at HEARTPUFF...♡

💖We are a hardworking team of two artists! Everything from the jewelry to art, photos, packaging, shipping and customer service are all done and managed by us! ♡ We try to design new Heartpuff jewelry as often as we can for our customers if we're not too busy.

💖Our jewelry is made-to-order! This means that when you order, your jewelry is freshly made just for you with new materials.

💖All of our stickers and jewelry cards are printed and hand-cut by us. We would love to have them professionally made when we grow our business more, but for now we hope you enjoy our handmade ones!

💖We absolutely love seeing customer reviews and photos! We do our best to save, retweet, and share all of our customer photo and video reviews on our social media (Twitter+Instagram), so please tag us @heart_puff to share yours! Our customers are beautifully positive and supportive, so we're always very grateful!♡ (Customer Photos)

💖We hope to release more art merchandise by Pikiru (one of the artists behind HEARTPUFF) very soon. Please look forward to it!

(Jewelry photos shown here are some Heartpuff orders from the last months of 2018! We hope to take many more photos this year!)

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We tried our best to prepare the new Heartpuff site and we're excited for our customers to enjoy everything! However if there are any errors, mistakes, or uncomfortable aspects about the store, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can improve them.♡

That's about it for now! We hope to write here more often as a fun way for our customers to stay connected with our store and get to know us better, so please continue visiting us from time to time! Thank you so much for reading. Your love and support is always very much appreciated!