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A HUGE Thank You to All of Our Heartpuff Supporters! ♡


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting and helping us achieve such a successful launch! ♡

Phew! This past month for us has been non-stop processing, packaging, and shipping out orders--it was nothing short of crazy! While it was a lot of work (and at times we wondered if we were ever going to finish on time), we managed to push through thanks to your kind messages and support, and sent out all early batches with little to no issues!

(Some order process photos from our launch!)

The original purpose of our new site was to migrate to a new platform, but we realized that it has evolved into something much more greater than that in just a span of a month. With your continued love and support, we now have plans to explore new territories, product ideas, and much more throughout the year. (apparel, anyone?) We are very excited to share them with you all, so please keep visiting and supporting us! 

Thank you again to every single person who helped make the start of our new journey so promising! We are always grateful for your overwhelming support.

Now, off to breathe and relax a bit! See you again soon! ♡